The Developing Community of Mansfield, Texas


Mansfield, Texas pic

Mansfield, Texas

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes has been in business for nearly 50 years. Recently, First Texas Homes created the Dove Chase community, which has contributed to the continued economic growth of Mansfield, Texas.

A former agricultural community, Mansfield has developed into a thriving suburban hub over the course of the last century. Now home to over 67,000 people, Mansfield retains the small-town atmosphere that defined its early years, while offering a superior quality of life. Amenities in Mansfield include over 500 acres of parks, quality schools, and a bustling business community.

Now considered one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, Mansfield has a booming property market, with some 4,500 properties in development in 2017. Scott Welmaker, who functions director of economic development for the City of Mansfield, estimates these properties will lead to approximately 17,000 people taking up residence in the community, which in turn will result in the development of new businesses, such as restaurants, to further bolster the Mansfield economy.


The Dallas Cowboy’s New Home in Frisco, Texas

The Star pic

The Star

For over three decades, First Texas Homes has been building top-quality residential homes for customers in communities across Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. One area where First Texas Homes has seen amazing growth is the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, the location of The Star, the new home of The Dallas Cowboys’ corporate offices and practice facility.

The Star’s 91-acre campus not only hosts the Cowboy’s world headquarters, it also features a state-of-the-art indoor football stadium (the Ford Center), an entertainment district complete with shops and restaurants, a hotel, and a medical center. The campus will offer fans around the world an opportunity to look inside the entire Dallas Cowboys operation.

In addition to the Ford Center, amenities at the new facility will include the War Room, where Cowboys’ managers perform scouting and draft research; the Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine Center, a non-profit healthcare provider focused on injury prevention, wellness, and research; and a huge LED sculpture by artist Leo Villareal titled Volume Frisco. All of these features are open to the public.

First Texas Homes an Industry Leader in Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Partner

Energy Star Partner


One of Texas’ largest privately owned builders of custom homes, First Texas Homes, Inc., has been an Energy Star Partner since 2001. As such, First Texas Homes remains dedicated to energy efficiency and eco-friendly construction methods; in fact, 100 percent of its homes meet or exceed all of Energy Star’s demanding guidelines for energy consumption.

By relying on advanced energy-efficient technologies and construction methods, such as PEX plumbing, tankless gas water heaters, radiant barrier roof decking, R-38 blown insulation, high-efficiency furnaces, digital programmable thermostats, and Energy Star-certified appliances, First Texas Homes is able to provide superior quality while reducing energy consumption.

Additionally, the company is the first builder in its class to install 16 SEER multi-speed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as a standard option in each of its custom homes. Using an eco-friendly 410A refrigerant, these standard systems come with a limited manufacturer parts and labor warranty valid for 10 years.

Some of the Perks of Living in Houston, Texas


Houston Museum of Fine Arts pic

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

First Texas Homes builds stunning homes with a commitment to energy-efficient construction in multiple cities throughout Texas. One of the major metropolitan areas where First Texas Homes builds is Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States and the largest in the state. Only New York City houses more Fortune 500 headquarters. Houston has a major hold in many different industries, from manufacturing and aeronautics to technology.

One of the biggest perks of Houston is the weather, which allows for outdoor activities throughout the year. Winters are virtually nonexistent, with only 15 measurable snowfalls since 1939. Houston also has some of the best public schools in the state and the leading Texas Medical Center.

Some other perks include the wide range of incredible restaurants–Houston is known as the Culture & Culinary Capital of Texas–and its museum district boasts the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Houston Zoo. Sports fans can root for the Astros, the Dynamos, and the Rockets.

Save on Your Summer’s Energy Bill with an Upgraded HVAC System

Canyon Lakes Community pic

Canyon Lakes Community


Based in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes has over 45 years of experience in quality home building. First Texas Homes has been a partner of Energy Star for more than 10 years, fully certified in meeting Energy Star’s requirements when developing energy efficient homes.

One idea that Energy Star shares to help keep utility bills down in the summertime is to perform a regular maintenance routine on your heating and air conditioning system. Changing out an air filter every three months keeps the air flowing freely so that the system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the home.

If your HVAC system is over 12 years old, consider replacing it with an Energy Star certified unit. Newer HVAC systems can lessen an energy bill by over a hundred dollars a year. If it is too soon to replace or upgrade your unit, it may still be advisable to call a contractor to perform a tune-up.

Armstrong Air Units a Standard for First Texas Home Clients as of 2014

First Texas Homes pic

First Texas Homes


Located in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes was founded with more than four decades of family history in the residential building and development market. It operates with a focus on customer satisfaction and in 2014, First Texas Homes became the first builder in its marketing sector to make Armstrong Air’s 16 SEER multi-speed HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system a standard in every home.

The 16 SEER consists of a multi-unit state-of-the art HVAC system that uses an environmentally-friendly, non-ozone depleting 410A refrigerant. The result of over 80 years of design innovation efforts, it features louvered panels for an attractive appearance and includes a 10-year limited warranty for manufacturer parts and labor. Other features for installed HVAC systems may vary in neighborhoods that utilize heat pumps and or in all-electric communities. Furthermore, it offers a substantial savings potential with a focus on reducing high cost repair bills.

Armstrong Air emphasizes the value of craftsmanship and provides products for discerning homeowners and professional dealers. In addition, its 16 SEER HVAC unit possesses an efficiency rating certified by the Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute.

Hidden Lakes Community in Cedar Hill, Texas, Entering Final Closeout

First Texas Homes pic

First Texas Homes

First Texas Homes has been the #2 Top Builder by Starts, according to Residential Strategies, Inc., and won the 2007 Home of Texas Keystone Award. First Texas Homes is known for creating beautiful, in-demand communities like Hidden Lakes in Cedar Hill, Texas.

Hidden Lakes is a quiet, clean community that’s family friendly, peaceful, and beautiful and has lots of green space. Families have quick access to parks, ponds, walking and jogging trails, and two golf courses. The high-quality, Energy-Star-certified homes in this community are perfect for families who want to live in a safe, clean, and healthy community.

Cedar Hill, a rapidly growing city in north Texas, is a major center for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Over the last decade or so, the city has added several malls and plazas, including Cedar Village, which links a new city hall with the historic downtown area.

There are just a few Hidden Lakes homes that are still on the market before the development closes out.