Examining Energy Star’s Impact

Energy Star Partner

A home design and construction company in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes draws upon over 45 years of industry experience to provide quality homes to its clients. To demonstrate its commitment to reducing its properties’ carbon footprints, First Texas Homes installs energy-efficient technologies in its new builds and is an Energy Star Partner.

Established in 1992, Energy Star has become one of the United States’ leading brands in regards to energy efficiency. Today, the Energy Star blue label denotes the energy efficiency of products across 70 categories. Further, Energy Star has awarded certification to over 1.6 million homes since its inception, in addition to more than to 25,000 other buildings.

Energy Star’s work has resulted in its becoming the United States’ most popular and effective voluntary energy-efficiency movement. All told, the Energy Star campaign is responsible for helping homeowners lower energy bills by over $362 billion since 1992, in addition to a 2.4 billion ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


First Texas Homes’ Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Partner

Energy Star Partner


Founded by a family with nearly 50 years of experience in the home building industry, First Texas Homes is a leading builder in the Dallas region. In addition to maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction, First Texas Homes is committed to energy efficiency and has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to Energy Star guidelines.

Energy Star is a voluntary Environmental Protection Agency program that began in 1992 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. An Energy Star partner for more than a decade, First Texas Homes offers a wide range of energy-efficient products in its homes that include:

-Tankless water heaters, which provide up to 40 percent energy savings
-Radiant barrier roofing, which reduces attic temperatures and reliance on heating and cooling systems
-Energy-efficient furnaces and sealed ductwork to reduce air leakage
-Energy Star certified appliances from Frigidaire and Electrolux
-State-of-the-art HVAC systems, recognized with a 16 SEER rating.

Energy Star Helps Consumers Make Smart Choices

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Energy Star
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Premier homebuilding company First Texas Homes has long been committed to superior customer service. This includes anticipating needs ahead of time, offering custom floor plans, affordable pricing plans, and cutting edge energy efficient appliances. First Texas Homes has been an Energy Star partner since 2001, with all installations since March of 2011 equipped with Frigidaire’s Energy Star certified kitchen appliances.

In 1992, the Energy Star labeling program was created by the EPA to help consumers easily determine what products were the most energy efficient. These products help lower costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program grew over the next decade, saving consumers 24 billion dollars in 2012. For homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances, the Energy Star website offers a convenient place to find energy efficient appliances. From appliances and electronics to lighting and heating/cooling systems, the website offers resources for proven products. The website also provides tips for lowering energy costs at home, such as improving insulation or keeping appliances unplugged when out of use.

What is an Energy Star Certified Home?

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First Texas Homes
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First Texas Homes is a Texas-based company that ensures all of the homes it builds are the highest quality possible. One of the ways in which First Texas Homes ensures this is by maintaining Energy Star certification on 100 percent of its homes. Energy Star is a voluntary program within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps businesses and individuals work with the best energy efficiency possible.

When a home is Energy Star certified, it has been built to meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines laid out by the EPA. One benefit of certification is a possible 20-percent savings on annual utility bills, which can add up to thousands of dollars over a few years. In addition, the higher quality of the home means better air quality, more consistent temperatures, and more durable equipment, not to mention preventing excess air pollution and protecting the environment.

First Texas Homes offers more than 30 years of experience building custom quality homes that are 100 percent Energy Star certified. The company is absolutely committed to creating homes with exceptional quality, superior design, and unparalleled customer service along with environmental responsibility.