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First Texas Homes Savant Home Automation Services


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Home Automation

Established nearly 30 years ago, First Texas Homes has developed, and helped individuals and families move into, high-quality custom homes. First Texas Homes (FTH) aims to provide homeowners with state-of-the-art amenities and features, including Savant Automation services.

One of FTH’s newest and most popular standard features, Savant Automation provides homeowners with an unprecedented level of control over various aspects of living, from home entertainment to personal security. With a single Savant entertainment remote, individuals can seamlessly transition between Blu-ray, live television, Sonos, and more. The Savant music system allows for whole-house distribution, making it ideal for small gatherings or dinner parties, while lossless audio compatibility will satisfy even the most technically inclined audiophile.

Savant security features, meanwhile, allow users to view security camera footage of any location in the house from a remote device. Savant security services can be accessed and reviewed from the other side of the country as easily as from inside the home.

To learn more about these and other Savant Automation features, including room-by-room temperature control, click “Savant Home Automation” in the ABOUT menu at

Home Financing Support from First Texas Homes

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Home Financing

As a client-driven company, customer homebuilder First Texas Homes endeavors to provides businesses and homeowners with a range of services outside of construction. For instance, its website,, contains resources related to financing and refinancing homes.

When searching for a financing partner for a home loan, potential buyers can use the First Texas Homes mortgage calculator to enter the size and duration of the loan they are seeking, the desired interest rate, and the total cost of the house. From here, the mortgage calculator computes taxes and insurance to provide potential buyers with a range of expected costs and a loan-to-value ratio. With this information, individuals can discuss financing options with First Texas Homes sales counselors. Counselors can also direct clients to trusted lenders.

Apart from providing guidance on home loans, the First Texas Homes website offers a number of other calculators, including those that help with paying off credit card debit and with determining whether renting or buying is the better option.

Choosing the Right Type of Homebuilder

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Harmon Ranch Property


For approximately 30 years, First Texas Homes has built quality homes throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. First Texas Homes provides its customers with design flexibility that allows them to incorporate their own vision to ensure a custom-made, welcoming home.

Before building a custom home, it is important to choose between a small custom homebuilder and a high-volume production homebuilder. A low-volume custom homebuilder usually designs and builds unique homes on a single lot. Buyers who have specific land on which they want to build, their own floorplans, and who want to be involved in every step of the process often prefer this type of builder.

On the other hand, production builders construct homes based on already designed home plans. Flexibility is only offered in some portion(s) of the design, including finishings, flooring, countertops, and appliances. These builders construct homes in specific regions, which are oftentimes master-planned communities. In contrast to what they can do with a small custom homebuilder, buyers cannot determine or change the basic layout of their floorplan with a production builder.

First Texas Homes’ Commitment to Customer Care

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First Texas Homes

A builder of homes in Houston and the Dallas-Forth Worth region, First Texas Homes strives to instill a sense of confidence and trust in each and every client. To this end, the company takes special care in providing quality customer service prior to, during, and following a successful home build project.

This commitment begins long before clients engage with the company. During the hiring process, First Texas Homes ensures future employees will maintain a dedication to meeting customer needs. This culture of client care is shared by sales consultants and construction managers alike.

After a home has been carefully crafted and approved through a series of traditional code inspections, First Texas employs a private quality-control team that performs a second inspection, thereby ensuring projects achieve or exceed the company’s high standards. Customer care also extends to a 10-year structural and foundation warranty, which allows individuals to feel secure in their home investments.

The Dallas Cowboy’s New Home in Frisco, Texas

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The Star

For over three decades, First Texas Homes has been building top-quality residential homes for customers in communities across Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. One area where First Texas Homes has seen amazing growth is the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, the location of The Star, the new home of The Dallas Cowboys’ corporate offices and practice facility.

The Star’s 91-acre campus not only hosts the Cowboy’s world headquarters, it also features a state-of-the-art indoor football stadium (the Ford Center), an entertainment district complete with shops and restaurants, a hotel, and a medical center. The campus will offer fans around the world an opportunity to look inside the entire Dallas Cowboys operation.

In addition to the Ford Center, amenities at the new facility will include the War Room, where Cowboys’ managers perform scouting and draft research; the Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine Center, a non-profit healthcare provider focused on injury prevention, wellness, and research; and a huge LED sculpture by artist Leo Villareal titled Volume Frisco. All of these features are open to the public.

First Texas Homes and Electrolux Major Appliances Form Partnership

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One of the largest privately owned custom homebuilders in Texas, Dallas-based First Texas Homes, Inc., has announced a partnership with Electrolux Major Appliances, an international appliance manufacturer with approximately 58,000 employees, nearly 100 years of industry experience, and an annual revenue of around $15 billion. The exclusive partnership will provide all First Texas Homes buyers with energy-efficient appliance options during the planning, construction, and finishing of their custom home.

Standard packages for new homeowners will include energy-efficient Frigidaire Gallery appliances, with the ability to upgrade to Frigidaire’s Professional appliances or Electrolux’s premium appliances. Both companies are known for offering a high level of craftsmanship reflected in high-quality products, and this partnership further solidifies their reputations by providing homeowners with unmatched flexibility and value. “This collaboration is a perfect fit,” according to Johnny Cope, general manager of Electrolux’s contract channel.

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