Home Automation with Savant

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Throughout its 30-year history as a home construction company, First Texas Homes has offered high quality customer service and energy efficient home design. Many customers at First Texas Homes choose to install Savant, a home automation system that has revolutionized life at home.

Savant Automation has made life easier for countless families across the United States and beyond. In terms of entertainment, the Savant Remote allows users to control all of their multimedia systems from a single source, enabling a seamless switch between television, Blu-ray, Sonos, and many others. Savant Music provides lossless whole-house audio, ideal for family time or socializing with guests.

Users can experience maximum comfort with Savant Climate Control, which keeps the temperature at consistent levels. The accompanying smartphone app allows users to control the climate of their home remotely, meaning that they can start the heating or air conditioning shortly before they arrive.

Savant Automation is also widely recognized for its home security feature. Users can set up cameras anywhere in their homes, using a smartphone app to monitor them from any location with Internet connectivity.

The Developing Community of Mansfield, Texas


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Mansfield, Texas
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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes has been in business for nearly 50 years. Recently, First Texas Homes created the Dove Chase community, which has contributed to the continued economic growth of Mansfield, Texas.

A former agricultural community, Mansfield has developed into a thriving suburban hub over the course of the last century. Now home to over 67,000 people, Mansfield retains the small-town atmosphere that defined its early years, while offering a superior quality of life. Amenities in Mansfield include over 500 acres of parks, quality schools, and a bustling business community.

Now considered one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, Mansfield has a booming property market, with some 4,500 properties in development in 2017. Scott Welmaker, who functions director of economic development for the City of Mansfield, estimates these properties will lead to approximately 17,000 people taking up residence in the community, which in turn will result in the development of new businesses, such as restaurants, to further bolster the Mansfield economy.

Examining Energy Star’s Impact

Energy Star Partner

A home design and construction company in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes draws upon over 45 years of industry experience to provide quality homes to its clients. To demonstrate its commitment to reducing its properties’ carbon footprints, First Texas Homes installs energy-efficient technologies in its new builds and is an Energy Star Partner.

Established in 1992, Energy Star has become one of the United States’ leading brands in regards to energy efficiency. Today, the Energy Star blue label denotes the energy efficiency of products across 70 categories. Further, Energy Star has awarded certification to over 1.6 million homes since its inception, in addition to more than to 25,000 other buildings.

Energy Star’s work has resulted in its becoming the United States’ most popular and effective voluntary energy-efficiency movement. All told, the Energy Star campaign is responsible for helping homeowners lower energy bills by over $362 billion since 1992, in addition to a 2.4 billion ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Tips for New Homeowners

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First Texas Homes
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As one of the largest privately held home builders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, First Texas Homes has been helping customers obtain quality residential homes for 30 years. Backed by over 45 years of experience, First Texas Homes has developed a stellar reputation throughout the state.

Moving into a new home, especially if you are coming from a smaller space or have never owned a home before, can be challenging. These tips will help to smooth the transition.

1. Create a list of what you own, and consider what else you may need to turn your new house into a home. You won’t necessarily need to buy these items right away, but you can start budgeting and saving for them.

2. Families should consider setting up a chores list to help with the general upkeep and maintenance the home requires. Youngsters can be rewarded for carrying out their duties in whatever way parents see fit.

3. Keep saving money, as you will now be responsible for any repairs or maintenance the property requires. This can come as a shock to those who have moved from rented accommodations. Develop a budget the covers your expenditures, and try to put a little aside each month so you are always prepared.

First Texas Homes Savant Home Automation Services


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Home Automation
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Established nearly 30 years ago, First Texas Homes has developed, and helped individuals and families move into, high-quality custom homes. First Texas Homes (FTH) aims to provide homeowners with state-of-the-art amenities and features, including Savant Automation services.

One of FTH’s newest and most popular standard features, Savant Automation provides homeowners with an unprecedented level of control over various aspects of living, from home entertainment to personal security. With a single Savant entertainment remote, individuals can seamlessly transition between Blu-ray, live television, Sonos, and more. The Savant music system allows for whole-house distribution, making it ideal for small gatherings or dinner parties, while lossless audio compatibility will satisfy even the most technically inclined audiophile.

Savant security features, meanwhile, allow users to view security camera footage of any location in the house from a remote device. Savant security services can be accessed and reviewed from the other side of the country as easily as from inside the home.

To learn more about these and other Savant Automation features, including room-by-room temperature control, click “Savant Home Automation” in the ABOUT menu at www.firsttexashomes.com.

Home Financing Support from First Texas Homes

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Home Financing
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As a client-driven company, customer homebuilder First Texas Homes endeavors to provides businesses and homeowners with a range of services outside of construction. For instance, its website, www.firsttexashomes.com, contains resources related to financing and refinancing homes.

When searching for a financing partner for a home loan, potential buyers can use the First Texas Homes mortgage calculator to enter the size and duration of the loan they are seeking, the desired interest rate, and the total cost of the house. From here, the mortgage calculator computes taxes and insurance to provide potential buyers with a range of expected costs and a loan-to-value ratio. With this information, individuals can discuss financing options with First Texas Homes sales counselors. Counselors can also direct clients to trusted lenders.

Apart from providing guidance on home loans, the First Texas Homes website offers a number of other calculators, including those that help with paying off credit card debit and with determining whether renting or buying is the better option.

First Texas Homes’ Commitment to Customer Care

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First Texas Homes
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A builder of homes in Houston and the Dallas-Forth Worth region, First Texas Homes strives to instill a sense of confidence and trust in each and every client. To this end, the company takes special care in providing quality customer service prior to, during, and following a successful home build project.

This commitment begins long before clients engage with the company. During the hiring process, First Texas Homes ensures future employees will maintain a dedication to meeting customer needs. This culture of client care is shared by sales consultants and construction managers alike.

After a home has been carefully crafted and approved through a series of traditional code inspections, First Texas employs a private quality-control team that performs a second inspection, thereby ensuring projects achieve or exceed the company’s high standards. Customer care also extends to a 10-year structural and foundation warranty, which allows individuals to feel secure in their home investments.