The Beauty of Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Countertops pic

Natural Stone Countertops

With developments in Houston and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, First Texas Homes is a leader in residential building. The in-house architectural staff at First Texas Homes understands the importance of design flexibility in helping clients create their dream home. Options for interior finishes are constantly evolving, particularly in the kitchen. When choosing a countertop material, home buyers have options that extend far beyond standard laminate, including natural stone.

Granite provides a rich-looking surface that can complement the cabinets in any kitchen. Available in many colors, granite is extremely durable and can resist heat, scratches, and stains. Maintenance involves regular applications of sealant.

Marble is durable and timeless. Though it stains and scratches more easily than granite, its elegance cannot be denied. Depending on type, marble can be significantly more expensive than granite.

Long used in science labs, soapstone is emerging as a popular countertop material in residential kitchens. Extremely durable, soapstone is nonporous and impervious to chemicals. To increase its sheen, it can be sealed. Soapstone is generally comparable in cost to granite.

Quartz, or engineered stone, countertops are made of 93 percent crushed natural quartz that is blended with color and plastic resins. Quartz, available in many colors, is scratch-resistant and nonporous.

Natural stone countertops, while initially more expensive, lend a luxurious feeling to home environments. The durability, longevity, and beauty they provide make them well worth the investment.


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