Advanced Technological Features in Homes by First Texas


First Texas Homes pic

First Texas Homes

First Texas Homes is a leading private home builder in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. An industry leader in energy efficiency, First Texas Homes employs advanced energy-efficient technologies in its homes to assist in environmental sustainability and help keep energy costs low for homeowners.

One of these advanced technologies is Low NOX, which are high-efficiency gas furnaces. The system’s ductwork is mastic-sealed at each air handler and register location to mitigate energy loss as the heated or cooled air is distributed throughout the home.

Further, First Texas uses Low-E glass and double-paned insulated windows, which help to lower energy usage and related costs. Low-E glass also protects furniture and finishes from harmful UV rays radiating from the sun, which can result in fading and degradation of textiles and other materials. Heat and cold transfer is significantly reduced through the insulating vinyl window frames as well, which also helps to protect against the occurrence of sweating and moisture accumulation throughout the seasons.


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