First Texas Homes Builds Energy Efficiency Houses


Energy Efficiency Houses pic

Energy Efficiency Houses

First Texas Homes is one of the largest private homebuilders in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. First Texas Homes offers its customers long-term value by building energy-efficient homes that reduce the overall cost of homeownership.

The homebuilder leverages the latest developments in energy-saving building practices to produce homes that conserve energy, reduce expenses, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Subject to applicable code restrictions, First Texas utilizes PEX plumbing systems in every new home constructed. This system retains heat better than copper (for superior energy efficiency), expands up to 300 percent of its original size without damage, resists freezing, and helps to ensure that the home’s water supply is free of harmful contaminants such as lead and other toxins.

First Texas also uses tankless gas water heaters. Designed for high efficiency by heating water only when required, an advantage over common tank-style water heaters, tankless gas water heaters can produce energy savings of up to 40 percent. These are just some of the innovations applied by the homebuilder in constructing its industry-leading energy-efficient homes.


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