First Texas Homes Savant Home Automation Services


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Home Automation

Established nearly 30 years ago, First Texas Homes has developed, and helped individuals and families move into, high-quality custom homes. First Texas Homes (FTH) aims to provide homeowners with state-of-the-art amenities and features, including Savant Automation services.

One of FTH’s newest and most popular standard features, Savant Automation provides homeowners with an unprecedented level of control over various aspects of living, from home entertainment to personal security. With a single Savant entertainment remote, individuals can seamlessly transition between Blu-ray, live television, Sonos, and more. The Savant music system allows for whole-house distribution, making it ideal for small gatherings or dinner parties, while lossless audio compatibility will satisfy even the most technically inclined audiophile.

Savant security features, meanwhile, allow users to view security camera footage of any location in the house from a remote device. Savant security services can be accessed and reviewed from the other side of the country as easily as from inside the home.

To learn more about these and other Savant Automation features, including room-by-room temperature control, click “Savant Home Automation” in the ABOUT menu at


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