Choosing the Right Type of Homebuilder

Harmon Ranch Property pic

Harmon Ranch Property


For approximately 30 years, First Texas Homes has built quality homes throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. First Texas Homes provides its customers with design flexibility that allows them to incorporate their own vision to ensure a custom-made, welcoming home.

Before building a custom home, it is important to choose between a small custom homebuilder and a high-volume production homebuilder. A low-volume custom homebuilder usually designs and builds unique homes on a single lot. Buyers who have specific land on which they want to build, their own floorplans, and who want to be involved in every step of the process often prefer this type of builder.

On the other hand, production builders construct homes based on already designed home plans. Flexibility is only offered in some portion(s) of the design, including finishings, flooring, countertops, and appliances. These builders construct homes in specific regions, which are oftentimes master-planned communities. In contrast to what they can do with a small custom homebuilder, buyers cannot determine or change the basic layout of their floorplan with a production builder.


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