First Texas Homes’ Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Partner

Energy Star Partner


Founded by a family with nearly 50 years of experience in the home building industry, First Texas Homes is a leading builder in the Dallas region. In addition to maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction, First Texas Homes is committed to energy efficiency and has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to Energy Star guidelines.

Energy Star is a voluntary Environmental Protection Agency program that began in 1992 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. An Energy Star partner for more than a decade, First Texas Homes offers a wide range of energy-efficient products in its homes that include:

-Tankless water heaters, which provide up to 40 percent energy savings
-Radiant barrier roofing, which reduces attic temperatures and reliance on heating and cooling systems
-Energy-efficient furnaces and sealed ductwork to reduce air leakage
-Energy Star certified appliances from Frigidaire and Electrolux
-State-of-the-art HVAC systems, recognized with a 16 SEER rating.


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