The Benefits of Installing a Radiant Barrier Roof

 Radiant Barrier Roof pic

Radiant Barrier Roof

Since 2001, First Texas Homes has been an Energy Start Partner. First Texas Homes remains dedicated to green construction, and its commitment is evident in the Energy Star-certified homes it builds. As a standard feature, the company offers radiant barrier roof decking, which blocks up to 97 percent of the radiant heat from the sun. As a result, attic temperatures are decreased up to 30 percent, and air conditioning equipment, as well as ductwork, stays cooler.

With cooler temperatures in the attic, less heat moves to colder spaces below the attic, and energy costs are significantly reduced. Also, the radiant barrier roof prevents heat transfer from warm interiors to the outside during the cold winter months. Ultimately, the life of heating and cooling systems is prolonged because of fewer cycle times.

As temperatures rise, the radiant barrier becomes more, not less, effective. Individuals have been able to reduce their air conditioning requirements by one half of a ton in warmer climates with the roofing.


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