A Brief Overview of Quick Move-In Homes

Quick Move-In Homes pic

Quick Move-In Homes
Image: firsttexashomes.com

Providing high-quality homes to residents in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, First Texas Homes has maintained a strong reputation for quality construction and unrivaled customer service over its 30-year history. As part of its commitment to serving its customers, First Texas Homes offers both regular and quick move-in homes.

Quick move-in homes, also known as move-in ready homes, are viable options for individuals and families who want to move into a new home quickly. These types of homes are either already done being built or close to being done. They are built by the builder without a buyer being lined up ahead of time but are available for immediate sale and occupancy. Buyers do not have to worry about changing construction schedules, nor do they have to worry about scheduling design appointments to discuss various features of the home. Since these homes are near completion, most buyers do not have much say in the home’s layout or various features that are included.

Although there might be fewer opportunities for customization, buying a quick move-in home often comes with several amenities and features already built into the home. Many of these features can be chosen if a builder has multiple quick move-in options. Homeowners can select a quick move-in home that has certain flooring types or bathroom fixtures. Some models may also feature designer kitchens and cabinets. Having these features already in place can make it easier to find the space that homeowners really want without needing to alter a room after the home is bought.


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