Tankless Water Heaters Save Money on Energy Costs

Canyon Lakes Community pic

Canyon Lakes Community
Image: firsttexashomes.com


After 30 years in the business, First Texas Homes knows how to provide its customers with top-of-the-line homes. Custom in-house architectural planning means that future homeowners can create the home they’ve always dreamed of. The stunning residences in First Texas Homes communities also offer cutting-edge energy efficiency.

Since May of 2011, all homes in communities that are not all-electric have come equipped with tankless gas water heaters. Unlike tank-style water heaters, these highly energy-efficient appliances heat water only when needed, providing energy savings up to 40 percent. The efficiency certification system Energy Star reports that tankless water heaters use about 10 percent less energy than traditional tank-style water heaters, and estimates that if every home switched to tankless units, energy savings would be approximately $1.2 billion a year. That is equal to preventing 10 billion pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, the same as produced by 900,000 cars per year.


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