Armstrong Air Units a Standard for First Texas Home Clients as of 2014

First Texas Homes pic

First Texas Homes


Located in Dallas, Texas, First Texas Homes was founded with more than four decades of family history in the residential building and development market. It operates with a focus on customer satisfaction and in 2014, First Texas Homes became the first builder in its marketing sector to make Armstrong Air’s 16 SEER multi-speed HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system a standard in every home.

The 16 SEER consists of a multi-unit state-of-the art HVAC system that uses an environmentally-friendly, non-ozone depleting 410A refrigerant. The result of over 80 years of design innovation efforts, it features louvered panels for an attractive appearance and includes a 10-year limited warranty for manufacturer parts and labor. Other features for installed HVAC systems may vary in neighborhoods that utilize heat pumps and or in all-electric communities. Furthermore, it offers a substantial savings potential with a focus on reducing high cost repair bills.

Armstrong Air emphasizes the value of craftsmanship and provides products for discerning homeowners and professional dealers. In addition, its 16 SEER HVAC unit possesses an efficiency rating certified by the Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute.


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