Energy Star Helps Consumers Make Smart Choices

Energy Star pic

Energy Star

Premier homebuilding company First Texas Homes has long been committed to superior customer service. This includes anticipating needs ahead of time, offering custom floor plans, affordable pricing plans, and cutting edge energy efficient appliances. First Texas Homes has been an Energy Star partner since 2001, with all installations since March of 2011 equipped with Frigidaire’s Energy Star certified kitchen appliances.

In 1992, the Energy Star labeling program was created by the EPA to help consumers easily determine what products were the most energy efficient. These products help lower costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program grew over the next decade, saving consumers 24 billion dollars in 2012. For homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances, the Energy Star website offers a convenient place to find energy efficient appliances. From appliances and electronics to lighting and heating/cooling systems, the website offers resources for proven products. The website also provides tips for lowering energy costs at home, such as improving insulation or keeping appliances unplugged when out of use.


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