What is an Energy Star Certified Home?

First Texas Homes pic

First Texas Homes
Image: firsttexashomes.com

First Texas Homes is a Texas-based company that ensures all of the homes it builds are the highest quality possible. One of the ways in which First Texas Homes ensures this is by maintaining Energy Star certification on 100 percent of its homes. Energy Star is a voluntary program within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps businesses and individuals work with the best energy efficiency possible.

When a home is Energy Star certified, it has been built to meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines laid out by the EPA. One benefit of certification is a possible 20-percent savings on annual utility bills, which can add up to thousands of dollars over a few years. In addition, the higher quality of the home means better air quality, more consistent temperatures, and more durable equipment, not to mention preventing excess air pollution and protecting the environment.

First Texas Homes offers more than 30 years of experience building custom quality homes that are 100 percent Energy Star certified. The company is absolutely committed to creating homes with exceptional quality, superior design, and unparalleled customer service along with environmental responsibility.


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